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We have a minimum charge policy in our studio. The prices start from 500EGP and raise up due to the size and difficulty of your design. We are always using only sterilized and 'one use only' supplies, so the minimum charge is built from the price of the supply-pack needed even for a small design. If you are not sure in the design you would like to have, you can always make a consultation appointment which costs 100EGP. Please note that if you will take the decision to make the tattoo with us-we will minus this 100EGP from the price.
If you are sure in your idea and size - you can always send it to us to know estimated price.

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Для получения подробной информации о наличии и стоимости указанных товаров или услуг, пожалуйста, обращайтесь к нашим менеджерам по телефону +7 (555) 600-80-30 или пишите: hello@hello.ru
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